Thinking about Automation? Want to run your machines Lightsout? Are you worried about the cost? The integration to existing or new machines? The Workholding? The floorspace you have available?

We have the answer with ZeroCob by ZeroClamp GmbH exclusively from ROCKSTEADY WORKHOLDING DIVISION. Controlled via its very own WiFi hub the ZeroCob offers the complete package with the following benefits:

NO HARD INTERFACE – The ingenious Smart Operator and Optical Detection System means no intrusive hard wiring!

SMALLEST FOOTPRINT – only 1200 x 1600mm floorspace is used

COBOT – with up to 10kg capacity – choose from various models

GRIPPER – using ZeroClamp gripper which can be adapted to load blank parts, vices with pre clamped parts or pallets

ZERO CLAMP SMART HUB – controls the included door drive, pneumatics, robot and workholding

ZERO CLAMP WORKHOLDING – All included in the package – ZeroPoint Pallet for PreClamped Parts, Vices – either manual or pneumatic – the choice is yours!

ZERO CLAMP USER INTERFACE – easily programmed using software on your tablet, mobile phone or laptop

EASY PART MANAGEMENT – using the ZeroClamp modular rack system which comes along with the package

SAFETY ENCLOSURE – protects the operator and at the same time creates a neat environment for the robot to work within



Contact us now for a brochure or to discuss your requirements for Automating your machines – oh and the price? You won’t believe your ears when we tell you!