The ZeroClamp zero point clamping system is the modern alternative to the conventional T-slot table: Drastically reduces the setup times and increases your machine capacity.

zero point

Conventional setup process

Time Needed:

1. Clean the machine table
2. Clean the clamping device contact surfaces
3. Position via the slot nuts
4. Align
5. Fasten with clamping screws
6. Determine the zero points
7. Start the program
8. End the program


It is difficult or even impossible to interrupt the process (completely remove the component from the machine table).
→  Machine standstill or workpiece is scrapped.

Zero Point Setup Process

Time Needed:

1. Clean the machine table (reduced)
2. Clean the clamping device contact surfaces

3. Start the program

4. End the program

Biggest time factor completely omitted!



The process can be interrupted without a problem at any time.
→  Continued machine use.

Maximum user-friendliness

Highest degree of accuracy
Repeat accuracy of less than 2.5 μm.

Simple logistics
Just one type of clamping stud.

The key benefit
Thermal symmetry.

No tilting
Uncomplicated joining and removing.

One system for the entire process chain
Milling, turning, right up to quality assurance.

Reduce setup times by up to 90%

+ 330 hours additional production time per year

zero point

Multiple benefits for day-to-day production work



Spark Erosion

Quality Assurance

Direct clamping of the component onto a base unit. Holes as sockets for the clamping studs are specified at the design stage. Components can be changed quickly and accurately (across all machines).

In the case of turning operations as well, the productivity increases are used to best advantage with pre-balanced base units. Maximum safety with high forces thanks to additional retaining elements.

Functions reliably even under water or in dielectric. The base units are equipped with special drain holes so that the water can escape when the pots are opened.

There are also setup and non-productive times during measuring which can be reduced. Furthermore, the machining process can be interrupted for intermediate measurements on the measuring machine (the clamping studs are not removed for this purpose) before continuing with the process.

The Center Piece

Simple assembly with few components and very high repeat accuracy for at least one million cycles!

Pneumatic System: 
Only 5.5 bar air pressure is required to release the clamping studs.

centre piece

The ZeroClamp Benefit

Easy to handle from a logistical point of view.

No differentiation between zero pins, floating pins, and free pins

Just one clamping stud type required!