We are pleased to be able to offer vices from Zero Clamp GmbH

We are delighted to have been chosen as UK TECHNICAL Partner for  Zero Clamp GmbH, manufacturers of premium clamping technology products.

The company focuses on development and production. Their clamping systems help you to reduce setup, changeover and non-productive times, and therefore also production costs, while simultaneously increasing process reliability.

Modular Clamping Rail System

The two SL080 and SL120 modular clamping rail systems with a clamping force of 20 kN or 40 kN enable safe operation even in heavy-duty machining processes. All clamping widths possible thanks to clamping rails which can be coupled together infinitely.

ZeroClamp modular clamping rail system 80 and 120

Individual clamping widths
Suitable for both small and large workpieces thanks to clamping rails which can be coupled together infinitely.

Multiple clamping
Single and multiple clamping possibilities (flexible fixed jaws) in a 2 mm grid.

Unique clamping possibilities
Clamping complex workpieces via rotating clamping rails (260 mm).

Modular design
A large variety of clamping jaws and direct fitting on the zero point clamping system.


ZeroVise® P160 Self Centering Vice

Pneumatically Actuated Self Centering Automatic Vice.

Powerful flexibility for your 5-axis automation. 5-Sided machining in one set-up.

Features include

  •  5mm (.200”) per jaw infinite adjustability for presetting of the jaws position optimized for the worst case using sawed blanks and with re-centering adjustment

  •  Wedge-hook kinematics design provides high clamping forces and repeatability

  •  Highest clamping force 48kn/9 bar air pressure/ 130 PSI 10,800 lbs. over 5 tons!

  •  Continuously adjustable clamping force with 3-9 bar/ 33-130 PSI air pressure

ZeroVise® P160 IoT 5-AxisVice

Pneumatically actuated 5-axis self centering automatic vise with AirCell air lock reservoir, cobot/robot air docking side ports and WLAN pressure monitoring.

Industry 4.0 Product featuring WLAN continuous monitoring of clamping air pressure.

Features include

  • No rotary union is required for through the table continuous air supply. 

  • WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) pressure monitoring: through the continual trans- mission of a life sign watch dog timer circuit interfaced to the I/O of the CNC control. Continuously monitors air pressure in the event of low pressure signals a feedhold condition to the ZEROBOT. Patent pending. 

    over 5 tons!

  •  Continuously adjustable clamping force with 3-9 bar/ 33-130 PSI air pressure

ZeroVise® 5-Axis Self Centering Vises

The manually actuated ZeroClamp ZeroVise® M80A & M120A are power- ful, compact precision 5-axis self cen- tering vises that perform under the heaviest machining demands.

Used with our pneumatically actuated ZeroClamp® P80Z Zero Point workholding automation con- sole with 4 integrated 90 mm Zero Point clam- ping units it provides high clamping forces of 50 Kn (11,240 lbs). Vises take only seconds to exchange with an air gun manually or by cobot/ robot with air docking probe.

The ZeroClamp® Zero Point automation console and ZeroVise® combination are superior both in repeatability and clamping force to single Zero Point workholding vises having only 1 clamping stud with an orientation pin or slot.

In addition to manually actuated mechanical plate Zero Point clamping systems and vises using 4 V-notched studs on a 52/96 mm spacing which requires clearance in multiple geometric planes.