We are pleased to be able to offer vices from Zero Clamp GmbH

We are now an integrator for Universal Robots, an innovative robotics company of over 1,000 employees united behind a common vision – to create a world where people work with robots, not like robots.

Since the sale of their first collaborative robot in 2008 their technology, along with that of their partners, has been changing the way work is done across the world.

Making businesses more human centric, resilient and sustainable. Every day seeing collaborative robots (cobots) helping businesses to overcome labor and skills shortages and creating better working environments for employees.

The company’s approach to automation alongside it’s collaborative platform is creating a future where any company, anywhere in the world, will be able to automate.

UR30 Heavy payload, compact cobot

The UR30 can lift heavy payloads while maintaining a compact footprint in a collaborative setting. With a 30 kg lifting capacity and a 1300 mm reach this robot can tend larger machines, palletize heavy products, and effectively support high torque screw driving.

Performance in a Compact Size

Building off the same architecture as the UR20, the UR30 offers extraordinary lift in a compact footprint with superior motion control ensuring the perfect placement of large payloads. With the ability to handle higher torque, the UR30 opens the door for precise screw driving and the 30 kg payload brings productivity to everything from machine tending with multiple grippers to palletizing heavy parts.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Avoid injury or accidents caused by lifting heavy items and ensure perfect pallet placement with consistent speed.

Don’t leave the door open

Use multiple grippers in your machine tending application. Remove pieces, clean parts, and place new stock all in a single pass maximizing productivity.

Perfect precision

The UR30s high torque joints and force torque sensor allow for straight, consistent screw driving even in areas difficult for humans to reach and steady mode prevents protective stop while maintaining safety.


We are delighted to have been chosen as UK TECHNICAL Partner for  Zero Clamp GmbH, manufacturers of premium clamping technology products.

The company focuses on development and production and features German precision and quality. Their Zeerobot 100V eco Loading Robot provides Automatic Work Changing for 5 axis CNC Machines. 

Full automation solutions are available using communication bus systems, CNC program selection, automatic work holding set-up, etc.

Zerocob® – for Machine Loading

The Zerocob® construction kit –

Effective automation with the ZeroClamp® Smart Hub

The Perfect Construction Kit for Versed Users and Clever Integrators.

The robot as part of automation

Automation is not only on everyone‘s minds, but is also necessary in many areas in order to be competitive in the coming years.

However, the robot or cobot is not the same as automation. It is only one of the necessary building blocks.

Necessary building blocks for effective automation

In addition, the automation specialist needs a base module on which the robot is mounted, storage facilities to hold blank parts, vises or pallets, and a wide range of peripherals. First and foremost, there are grippers, couplings and automatic clam- ping devices for the components to be processed.

Job management: efficient control of robot programmes

The machine tool must also be started by the automation, the door must be opened and last but not least, the automation must know when the machining cycle is finished.

Although it is possible to write a separate robot programme for each in- dividual automation job, it is simpler and more effective to have a job management system that manages and controls a wide variety of
robot programmes via parameters.

Safety aspects in automation

Once the hardware and software construction is complete, the question of safety arises. The operator is responsible for the overall CE, including all components. The individual declarations of incorporation of the components are only required to achieve this CE.

This is exactly where ZeroClamp® comes in with its Zerocob® construction kit.

The ZeroClamp® Smart Hub as a control centre

The control centre is the ZeroClamp® Smart Hub with an HTML-server. A comprehen- sive job management system is integrated, as well as a clamping device and gripper management system. Accessible via WLAN and TCP address, all settings can be con- veniently made here in a standard browser.

Plug and Play: Simple hardware integration in a modular system

In terms of hardware, the Smart Hub is equipped with a large number of interfaces to which the peripheral components of the modular system are connected.
True plug and play.

Zerocob® – The Software
Efficient loading with menu-guided assistant: Create new loading jobs quickly and conveniently on any terminal.

Optimised for any mobile devices, such as notebooks, tablets or smartphones.

ZEROBOT® 100V eco CNC Loading Robot

AWC Automatic Work Changer for your 5-Axis CNC Machine. A real price-performance champion.

Features include

  • Interfaces to any CNC machine 

  • No OEM/factory interface or through the table air rotary union is required.

  • Robot’s automatic rotating twin gripper, for quick part exchanging in seconds 

  • Compact high-capacity reconfigurable double sided part storage racks, manually rotatable 

  • Accommodates blank parts up to 250mm x 160mm x 200mm (9.8” x 6.3” x 8.0”), handles a large range of part sizes 

  • Blank part handling for direct gripping and exchanging of blank parts 

  • 5-Axis Self-Centering ZeroClamp vise handling or option for vises with 52/96mm stud spacing. 

  • In addition to small pallet handling up to 155mm Sq. (6” Sq.) 

  • Pallet handling 330mm Sq. (13” Sq.) for fixtures and special parts

  • Very user friendly, simple operation in set-up mode with teach function

  • Easy-to-use job creation with standard browser using a laptop, tablet, or smart phone 

  • Rack side 2 can be set-up while rack side 1 is in operation

  • Unobstructed operator access during set-ups and one-offs

  • Designed for high part mix automated CNC machining