The steady rest is an essential tool when turning shafts that are long and thin and when clamping between the chuck and tailstock does not provide enough clamping force. A steady rest can also hold a work piece when machining the end of it. It may also be a necessity to use a steady rest when the manufacturing of a part is automated. It can also be used as clamping devicet in other applications for example as an alignment tool in automated measuring.


Thanks to its technical solution the Atling steady rest is smaller than its competitors. This makes it possible to clamp through a wider range but without the need of more space. Also in advance to its competitors the Atling steady rest can be equipped with a swing away system without having to make the steady rest bigger or the gripping range smaller.

The parts of the Atling steady rest are manufactured out of high-strength cast iron and all movable parts have been hardened. Manufacturing and assembling is made in our own factory which makes it possible for us to have a good overview and control of the production.

To enhance the durability in the steady rest we have included several features to keep it free from dirt and coolant. Such features are wipers around a rollers and moving arms and the possibility to add an overpressure of air to the inside of the steady rest.